The AODC is engaged in projects that will develop a distributed ocean data network and deliver interoperability to the marine data community. These projects include:

Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS)

The AODCJF, together with partners BlueNet and the Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing (TPAC), successfully bid to develop the eMarine Information Infrastructure (eMII) for IMOS. eMII will provide a single integrated framework for data and information management, discovery and access for the IMOS nodes. eMII will develop a distributed model to manage, host and archive the data (raw and processed) from the IMOS nodes and will develop standards, protocols and systems to integrate the data into a compliant framework and provide the tools to allow appropriate end users to access and utilise the data. The initial strategy will focus on identifying specific data streams and developing end-to-end protocols, standards and systems to join the related observing systems into the eMII framework, thereby integrating data and access systems. A set of data products integrating data across observations and nodes will be made available, subsequent products will also be integrated and discoverable to the IMOS scientists and other users. The AODCJF has established a Standards Working Group to identify appropriate standards, best available practices and technical solutions for IMOS data interoperability.

Oceans Portal

Oceans Portal will provide an internet-based, customer-focussed view into data and information of interest to users of the marine environment and will draw on resources from AODC agencies. The main components of the project are the development of the portal, the definition and implementation of an enabling technical infrastructure, including development of a Marine Catalogue and the establishment of a "Community of Interest" of portal users and contributors.

Oceans Portal will be built on an ISO/OpenGeospatial Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). Data will be served through OGC compliant web services (WMS, WFS, WCS etc). The solution exploits the ebXML registry model to support the full range of metadata required to effectively discover and access data services. The Marine Catalogue, one of the key components of an SDI, is a specialised database that is available to a group or specific information community to enable the organisation, discovery and access of geospatial resources and services.

The AODC will host the Marine Catalogue component of the Oceans Portal.


The BlueNet project will establish a national distributed marine science data network linking universities to the AODC to support the long term data curation requirements of Australia’s marine science researchers. BlueNet will build infrastructure to enable the discovery, access and online integration of multi-disciplinary marine science data on a very large scale to support current and future marine science and climate change research, ecosystem management and government decision making. BlueNet will provide the mechanisms by which universities can utilise existing data archiving facilities available within the AODC institutions. The intention is to enable universities to both access and add to repositories of the AODC virtual national ocean data centre.



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